How to log into the portal
Active agents:
Enter the user name and password emailed to you by the College.

First Time Login for New Students:
Enter your student number (7 digit number, example 6100000), Enter your password (your date of birth in the following format YearMonthDay YYYYMMDD – do not add hyphens, spaces, slashes or underscores). You will be prompted to change your password.

Current Conestoga Students:
If you are a current international student who is applying to a Conestoga program, the application fee will automatically be waived. Please login prior to submitting your application to receive the fee waiver.
Note: This waiver applies only if the student is applying for admission to an additional program while currently in an active program. Alumni are not eligible for this waiver.


On November 1st 2018, Conestoga’s International application platform has moved over to ontariocolleges.ca International Application Service (IAS).

To apply, please submit all new applications as an Ontariocolleges.ca International Application using the following links:

  • Applicants: If you are a new applicant applying on your own, apply here.
  • Agents: If you are an existing Conestoga College agent, please click here.

After submission of an application (i.e., to login):
To review the status of an application, accept an offer, upload supporting documentation and download letters of acceptance:

  • For applicants applying after November 1st 2018, login here to access to the Ontariocolleges.ca International Applicant Portal.
  • For applicants who submitted an application prior to November 1st 2018, login to Conestoga College’s Portal located on the top left of this page. If you have an existing username and password please enter it.
  • Note: do not use the Ontariocolleges.ca domestic application. Only the links above should be used to apply as an International Applicant.

Within the Ontariocolleges.ca International Applicant Portal, you will be able to:

  1. Create an international application to Conestoga College
  2. Pay the $100.00 application fee (payments made via Flywire)
  3. Submit an application for review (i.e., following payment)
  4. Upload supporting documentation (i.e., transcripts, study permits etc.)
  5. View the status of your application(s)
  6. Print Letters of Acceptance
  7. Confirm acceptance of an offer
  8. Confirm acceptance of an offer
  9. Update your personal information

Note: As an applicant, registration at the link above is required for full access. If you have an existing Ontariocolleges.ca International username and password please enter it to access the Ontariocolleges.ca International Applicant Portal functionality. Note: previously created Conestoga International portal username and password will not work at the link mentioned above. Ontariocolleges.ca domestic applications for International students will not be accepted. For new international applications, a new username and password must be created through the new Ontariocolleges.ca International Applicant portal accessible at the links above.

Completed applications with fully paid application fees will be processed in a timely manner. Upon payment through Flywire it is important you return back to your application to select “submit”. You (or your agent) will be advised via email notification if additional supporting documents or information is still required. Processing of applications can only occur once all information has been received.

Incomplete applicationswill be held as long as the program remains open. After a program has closed, an incomplete application will also be closed. Please be sure to check the International Open Program listing for the current status of program availability (https://international.conestogac.on.ca/program-courses/index.htm).

For additional questions around applying as an International applicant to Conestoga College, please email internationaladmissions@conestogac.on.ca

For support inquiries related to your username or password on the Ontariocolleges.ca International Applicant Portal please contact international@ontariocolleges.ca