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Add Application
Please complete the following application for consideration. Your application will not be processed until payment of the application fee is received (as required). Please ensure that all required documents are uploaded as part of the application process. Please note: To ensure accuracy, please complete the international application using English characters/keyboard.

Add Application

As of November 1st, all new applications should be submitted through the OCAS International portal.

As part of the application process, payment of the application fee will be requested at the end of this form. The application fee may be paid by credit or debit card. Alternate methods of paying the application fee will also be listed. Processing of your application will not occur until the application fee is received.

Section 1 - Personal Information

Do you have a Family/Last Name?
Preferred name is the name you wish to use in Canada. If your preferred name is the same as your first name, please leave preferred name blank.
*Are you a First Generation Student?
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A First Generation Student is someone whose parent(s)/guardian(s) have NOT attended post-secondary education (i.e. college, university or an apprenticeship program) in Canada or in any other country. In other words, First Generation Students are the first in their family (besides siblings) to attend post-secondary education. First Generation Students can be recent high school graduates, mature students, or someone new to Canada.

Section 2 - Student Contact Information

Note: This is the address that will appear on your letter of acceptance.
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Section 3 - Program Selection

*EAS/English Language for Academic Studies:

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Section 4 - Exchange Partnership

Section 5 - International Refer-A-Friend

Conestoga’s International Refer-A-Friend Program has been designed to reward current students and Conestoga alumni for referring new international students to Conestoga College (Alumni referrers must verify graduation from Conestoga College.) This only applies to the first application received by the International office regardless of the date of that application. Note: Sponsored students cannot be referred as part of the Refer-A-Friend program.

Section 6 - Agent Information